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Wells Fargo wants to boost engagement between its financial advisors and clients, in more convenient ways, to foster connection and loyalty. Wells Fargo wants its wealth management clients and their advisors to stay more closely connected.  The bank is rolling out LifeSync, a digital platform that lets users create and track financial goals while notifying advisors […]

Efficient development is often highlighted as the key differentiator between big banks and fast-moving fintechs, and by reorganizing itself behind the scenes, Wells Fargo is trying to buck the trend. To create a more cohesive digital experience – and ward off fines and fintech competitors – Wells Fargo revamped its digital strategy to create teams […]

Wells Fargo is providing a platform for its customers to build their own ideal digital banking experiences and hopes to set itself apart from competitors through customization, forecasting, and self-service tools. Wells Fargo just unveiled Vantage, its new digital banking platform for business clients of all sizes. The portal uses artificial intelligence to provide recommendations and […]

Working with fintechs can be incredibly fruitful but requires rigorous vetting – especially given the current economic climate for startups. If your 2023 innovation roadmap includes potential partnerships, make sure you’re asking these questions. Wells Fargo’s head of digital, Michelle Moore, helps manage the bank’s fintech relationships. During a recent webinar with American Banker, she ran through […]

As large enterprises increasingly use multiple observability tools to manage their complex IT infrastructures, AI-operations tools can help handle and diagnose outages – and prevent future ones. BigPanda, which has raised $340 million from investors including Insight Partners, automates the process of analyzing IT infrastructure events, helping discover the root causes of problems and how […]