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Despite recent turmoil in the crypto markets, Visa is “doubling down” on its efforts to prepare for blockchains to become mainstream payments infrastructure.  Visa expects blockchain technology to transform consumer payments within the next ten years and it’s dedicated to being on the forefront of that transition, according to head of crypto Cuy Sheffield. The […]

Building diverse tech teams is critical to an enterprise’s long-term success. While increasing diversity in tech is a complex, systemic challenge, there are basic, effective ways to make your company more welcoming to underrepresented candidates. There’s no magic bullet to increasing the diversity of your technology organization, but Visa’s vice president and head of HR […]

By combining vast swathes of data with fine-tuned risk management models, banks can accelerate legitimate transactions and flag suspicious ones, striking a balance between customer ease and safety.  Deutsche Bank is baking an automated fraud detection system from Visa-owned Cybersource into its ecommerce solution for merchants. The tool automatically calculates a risk value for each […]