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UBS wants to help Numarics shape its finance and admin software, which pairs machine learning with human auditors, as the bank tries to cozy up to small and medium-sized businesses. UBS wants to help small businesses reduce the time and money it takes to complete daily tasks, and it’s teaming with a startup to make […]

Quantum computing is still in its infancy and UBS’ experiences demonstrate how FinServs’ efforts may not lead to any real-world products. Still, the experimentation is worth it for the skills-building and research.   UBS abandoned its efforts to use quantum computing for trading, because the technology didn’t provide any substantial advantage, its former chief data officer, […]

The pandemic normalized digital customer onboarding, often through video. AI-powered tech can provide even more seamless experiences. UBS is streamlining its customer onboarding through a new partnership with ID verification firm Regula. UBS uses Regula’s technology to read, authenticate and verify data from a person’s biometric passport – with RFID checks run on a server-side. […]

Implementing a digital overhaul involves more than just technical challenges: It requires a cultural shift that relies on buy-in from an entire organization.   There’s in-fighting at UBS between CEO Ralph Hamers, who aims to use technology to expand the bank’s breadth, and the head of UBS’ wealth business, Iqbal Khan, who favors a more […]

Cloud computing promises to bring advanced capabilities and efficiency to financial institutions, but it’s also an important tool to help them meet ambitious climate-related goals. Data centers are energy hogs, so transitioning away from on-premise servers can be a boon for financial firms’ climate goals. UBS just underscored that potential by announcing that moving from […]

As large enterprises increasingly use multiple observability tools to manage their complex IT infrastructures, AI-operations tools can help handle and diagnose outages – and prevent future ones. BigPanda, which has raised $340 million from investors including Insight Partners, automates the process of analyzing IT infrastructure events, helping discover the root causes of problems and how […]