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Not engaging is not an option: Financial institutions have realized that the best way to approach a still-developing technology like quantum computing is through lightweight tests and building internal expertise.  Another week, another quantum computing announcement: Truist and IBM just launched a new partnership to help the bank prepare for the future of quantum computing.   […]

Truist’s new app has benefits for both itself and for consumers: It keeps a loyal audience logging in regularly while helping that group earn rewards and build savings.  Truist’s innovation studio, Foundry, just released a mobile app called Long Game that rewards users for building healthy financial habits through prizes and education.   “The ultimate […]

Banks are realizing that by pairing automated rebalancing and algorithmic advice with phone advisor consults, they can win over younger, digital-savvy investors without a high price tag. The likes of JPMorgan, Ally Financial, Truist, and Bank of America have all expanded from offering standard automated robo-advising to providing supplemental personal consultations with financial advisors. Clients […]

Dedicated innovation centers have become a go-to way for incumbents to galvanize creativity, agility, and ambitious projects in emerging areas like Web3 or the metaverse.   $548 billion-asset Truist just announced a new stand-alone innovation group called Foundry, which will work across the bank to build new products and features. The unit aims to operate […]

Artificial intelligence-enhanced virtual assistants that answer questions via text or voice chat – from Capital One’s Eno to Bank of America’s Erica – are becoming table-stakes for consumers who want quick and easy customer services.  Truist is the latest big bank to launch an AI-powered virtual assistant on its website and app. The “Truist Assist” […]

Discover joins a handful of banks that have launched designated office spaces meant to juice creativity, agility, and ambitious projects as competition for technologists remains fierce. Notably, Discover said it will support hybrid work for employees in the new center. “Recruiting top data analysts and technologists is especially competitive these days,” said Discover emerging talent […]

One of the biggest challenges to achieving AI and machine learning goals is securely storing and managing huge quantities of sensitive data, so tools to simplify the process are a must-have. Truist has purchased key strategic assets from data technology firm Zaloni to accelerate its data governance, metadata management, advanced analytics, and its AI/ML programs. The […]