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One of the superpowers of ChatGPT is its ability to simplify complex topics, which makes it an excellent educational tool for fledgling workers. SouthState is already seeing a significant productivity boost among its employees.  ChatGPT is an intern’s new best friend, according to an executive at SouthState Bank who spoke at a recent American Banker […]

Creating teachable moments in virtual reality can lead to immersive, focused, and memorable training programs for bank employees, which are ultimately more effective than the status quo. Bank of America has ditched written guidelines and online videos for some of its most crucial employee trainings.  Instead, the bank uses virtual reality technology to immerse employees […]

Cyber training programs should impart knowledge and skills to all workers, not just technical ones, because individual employees are generally the weakest links in organizational security. Cybersecurity is all about people, according to Immersive Labs, which offers training software to help global organizations boost their workers’ judgment, skills, and speed in dealing with security risks […]