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Trade finance often still involves paper documents moving between banks, shippers, and exporters, and JPMorgan just gave a vote of confidence to Cleareye.ai to disrupt that archaic process.   JPMorgan’s Trade and Working Capital group has made a strategic investment in Cleareye.ai, a startup that it started working with last year to digitize and automate trade […]

Trade finance – which often still involves paper documents moving between banks, shippers, and exporters – is ripe for technological change. JPMorgan’s new partnership with Cleareye.ai digitizes the process and enables sophisticated automation.  JPMorgan has partnered with Cleareye.ai to make trade operations and compliance more efficient and less risky. Through a combination of computer vision […]

Dealing with issues in trade settlement has historically been a fragmented process, where participants must manually resolve errors over email chains. The biggest players are investing in AccessFintech’s centralized (and secure) data management network because its collaborative workflows reduce the time and costs for all involved.  By promising to streamline transaction processing, AccessFintech is winning […]

Trade finance has traditionally been a highly manual, paper-based process with multiple checkpoints – making it ripe for digitization, automated classification, data extraction, and machine-learning powered accuracy checks.   Deutsche Bank just announced that it’s further integrating with Traydstream, a platform that digitizes and extracts data from trade finance documents to automatically check for errors […]