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Banks are linking up with earned wage access firms, which let businesses pay their employees in real-time versus on a set schedule, as inflation and the labor market make it a “highly desirable” benefit. Fintech DailyPay just announced $260 million in financing (a mix of credit facilities and loans) as earned wage access gains ground […]

There’s no magic formula or one-size-fits-all approach to crafting successful technology relationships, but three bank execs and a consultant shared nuggets of wisdom during a panel at the Bank Automation Summit on Monday. TD Bank’s head of commercial digital platforms, Paul Margarites, sang the praises of quick-and-dirty proof of concepts: “You need well-defined, time-boxed POCs, to […]

So-called “earned-wage access” has been gaining popularity, particularly given recent inflation woes and a tight labor market – and partnering with a fintech allows TD Bank to make this “highly desirable” benefit available quickly.  TD Bank recently announced a collaboration with fintech DailyPay to let its business clients pay out their workers almost as soon […]

Discover joins a handful of banks that have launched designated office spaces meant to juice creativity, agility, and ambitious projects as competition for technologists remains fierce. Notably, Discover said it will support hybrid work for employees in the new center. “Recruiting top data analysts and technologists is especially competitive these days,” said Discover emerging talent […]