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Open source software can bring a variety of benefits to financial institutions, including increased engineering speed and improved code quality, while helping attract tech workers. Discover expects its new site and partnerships to help it stand out in the space. Discover just launched a new website dedicated to open source software development and building community […]

With high interest rates bolstering banks’ top-line growth at the same time as fintech valuations flounder, FinServs have a unique opportunity for M&A this year. But careful due diligence and a specialized approach to retaining talent are crucial to making a purchase successful instead of a flop, according to Bain analysts.  While banking M&A activity […]

Artificial intelligence is a transformative tool for the banking industry, and access to the right talent is one of the biggest challenges right now. JPMorgan has hooked workers by emulating the practices of tech firms, a new report finds.  JPMorgan has topped a new index that ranks some of the world’s biggest banks on their […]

As Goldman Sachs restructures, its chief information officer has rolled out new processes – including a technique popularized by Amazon – so that its 12,000+ developers are more engaged.  To feel content at work, developers need to understand the business purpose behind their work, according to Goldman Sachs’ chief information officer Marco Argenti. Instead of […]

Building diverse tech teams is critical to an enterprise’s long-term success. While increasing diversity in tech is a complex, systemic challenge, there are basic, effective ways to make your company more welcoming to underrepresented candidates. There’s no magic bullet to increasing the diversity of your technology organization, but Visa’s vice president and head of HR […]