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NatWest’s new partnerships allow it to offer free perks to customers while furthering its own climate-related goals. UK bank NatWest wants to stand out by helping its corporate clients reduce costs by becoming more sustainable.   It just debuted new partnerships with tech firms Perse and Absolar to offer free, personalized recommendations on cutting energy […]

GenZ and Millennials are interested in understanding their carbon footprints, so adding tracking tools can be a competitive differentiator for banks. Westpac wants to help its customers make greener spending choices.   The bank has partnered with Cogo to give its app users high-level insights into their carbon footprints, at a time when young people have […]

Through its Global Markets Incubator, SocGen has honed a way to fast-track innovation, build relationships with cutting-edge startups, and take a leading role in sustainable finance.  SocGen has a clever way to tap into the buzzy ESG technology industry.   It just selected eleven startups to join its Global Markets Incubator (GMI), where they will have […]

Cloud computing promises to bring advanced capabilities and efficiency to financial institutions, but it’s also an important tool to help them meet ambitious climate-related goals. Data centers are energy hogs, so transitioning away from on-premise servers can be a boon for financial firms’ climate goals. UBS just underscored that potential by announcing that moving from […]

As everyday consumers put an onus on sustainability, it’s a competitive differentiator to help users to track their own environmental impact. A whopping 83% of consumers think companies should be actively shaping environmental, social, and governance (ESG) best practices, according to PwC research, and, in alignment with that majority, Dutch bank ING is offering a […]