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Working with fintechs can help FinServs quickly launch new features and improve operational efficiency, so they need a streamlined framework for building those relationships and testing products.  Sean Manahan has helped Morgan Stanley make huge strides in how it partners with innovative tech firms.   As head of technology business development, Manahan is responsible for leading […]

JPMorgan wants to deepen its relationships with venture capital investors and their portfolio companies, allowing it to offer them services “from inception through to IPO.”  JPMorgan wants to be a one-stop shop for private companies and their investors.   The bank is buying Aumni, a Utah-based analytics startup that helps its VC users replace Excel by […]

As the number and diversity of cyberattacks continue to increase, FinServs need to use sophisticated tech tools to outsmart their enemies – including the use of “honeypots” to gather data.  Mastercard announced the acquisition of Sweden-based cybersecurity firm Baffin Bay Networks on Monday to help its clients fend off cyberattacks.   Baffin Bay’s threat protection platform […]

Silicon Valley Bank’s implosion threatened software startups that relied on it, forcing financial services CIOs to take stock of the potential impacts on their partners. The situation highlights how important it is for execs to build backups into their technology supply chains.  Silicon Valley Bank’s rapid fall will continue to have ripple effects throughout the […]

Partnering with fast-moving startups helps incumbents upgrade their customer offerings more quickly, as they compete against fintechs and each other. Big financial firms continued to embrace startups this year to help them hook their customers with useful features or revamped processes.   For example, HSBC, TD Bank, Barclays, and Standard Chartered are all relying on partnerships […]

JPMorgan realized that it could prevent its IT department from being a “bottleneck” to innovation by pairing rigorous technology standards with independence for product teams.  Legacy financial institutions are under enormous pressure to keep up with innovative fintechs – and it requires them to rethink how they structure and run their businesses.   For JPMorgan, that […]

The recent success of two niche credit card startups shows how specialized rewards can be a draw for consumers – and why incumbents may want to explore affinity-oriented benefits. Two recent funding rounds spotlight how fintechs are setting themselves apart through the unconventional use of credit card rewards:  Treecard, which just raised $23 million, promises […]

With startups increasingly staying private longer, banks can benefit from expanding their services and bonding with companies early.  JPMorgan just launched a new platform called Capital Connect to strengthen its connections with young, venture-backed companies that could eventually swell into major enterprises.  The platform aims to simplify the fundraising process for startups, allowing them to […]