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Experts estimate that quantum computers may one day be able to break current encryption systems in seconds, so banks have a strong incentive to fight fire with fire and find ways to use the technology to keep secrets safe. Quantum – an emerging computing paradigm that promises to perform calculations at blistering speeds – is one […]

As payments and fraud prevention become more complex, artificial intelligence will play a key role in creating a frictionless, safe experience for consumers. As financial products and services are increasingly embedded and delivered through new platforms, there’s more opportunity than ever for bad actors to exploit the system and commit fraud. But as the conversations […]

Recent events have proven that social media should be integrated into banks’ risk-management programs, and that firms should deploy dedicated tools and proactive communication. Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse – as well as subsequent failures and recent hearings – taught the industry an important lesson: The havoc that negative social media chatter can wreak on banks […]

Fairness in lending is historically fraught, and experts worry that opaque AI models could inadvertently make discrimination worse. To avoid that outcome, researchers argue that combining new data with fairness constraints and better models could both advance equity and protect lenders. A combination of sophisticated AI models and historically off-limits data could create more equity in […]

Financial institutions have increased their desire for technology that provides real-time data analysis, stress-test scenarios, and communication aggregation as they seek to protect themselves from risk. This year’s banking crisis continues to have ripple effects for banks’ technology strategies.   After SVB’s collapse, enterprises are looking critically at their own risk management and planning to up […]