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The rapid influx of regulatory documents and enforcement actions has swamped compliance teams; regtech software like ING’s can restore efficiency.  ING just spun out and sold its regulatory change-monitoring tool, SparQ, to risk intelligence firm Corlytics.   SparQ’s software helps identify new regulations or threats, construct robust controls around monitoring and oversight, and ensure appropriate policies […]

The FedNow network and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s upcoming data-access proposal will usher in faster payments and open banking, which will level the playing field for smaller banks and give customers much more flexibility in switching. This, in turn, will spur institutions to step up their retention efforts.   This year will bring two important landmarks […]

As traditional financial firms continue to explore the use of blockchain and digital assets, compliance tools to help manage regulatory and reputational risk are in high demand.   Blockchain intelligence firm TRM Labs is winning support from legacy financial firms for its ability to help launch blockchain and digital asset initiatives by analyzing and investigating crypto-related […]

Confidential computing – which protects data while it’s actively being processed, not just when it’s stored or transferred – is making inroads with big banks for use in marketing, fraud detection, and cybersecurity.  Confidential computing is starting to be adopted at major banks, thanks to efforts from cloud providers like Microsoft, Google, and IBM.  This […]