Tag: Quantum computing

Although quantum computing is still in its infancy, financial institutions can benefit from considering future use cases, setting up experiments, and skills-building. For Mastercard, that means seeing how quantum could help personalize rewards programs.  Mastercard has partnered with D-Wave to research how quantum computing could supercharge its loyalty and rewards programs.   Quantum – an emerging […]

Although quantum computing is still in its early innings, canny financial institutions are finding low-intensity outlets for experimentation and skills-building. Credit Agricole’s corporate and investment banking arm has successfully completed two experiments that found that it could achieve “faster valuations and more accurate risk assessments” using quantum computing techniques. Quantum is an emerging computing paradigm that […]

While quantum computing holds promise for financial institutions, its eventual risk is also enormous: Experts estimate that quantum computers may one day be able to break current encryption systems in seconds. France’s central bank worked with CryptoNext Security on an experiment to use so-called “post-quantum” algorithms to operate a data exchange system that’s resistant to […]