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Individual employees are generally the weakest links in organizational security. Cyber training programs should impart knowledge and skills to all workers, not just technical ones. Research suggests that cyberattacks surge over the holiday season – particularly between Christmas and New Years – but it’s not just your organization’s overall security you should focus on. Cybersecurity […]

The .bank domain requires verification, which makes it a safer alternative to .com, which bad actors can easily mimic. There’s huge potential for .bank to become a trusted signifier like .gov and .edu and it’s relatively easy for banks to switch: To reap the benefits, they simply need to prioritize it. It’s frighteningly easy for bad […]

As bad actors use realistic-looking fake websites to dupe customers into giving up their login credentials, financial institutions can protect their users by monitoring the places where criminals hang out for threats. “In our cybersecurity unit, there is a whole command center where, at all times, there are people monitoring, even activities in the dark […]

With bad actors offering professionalized phishing-as-a-service software to dupe customers into giving up their credentials, the need for comprehensive customer education is more dire than ever.  Criminals can pay as little as $50 a month to run a realistic-looking Wells Fargo website that includes 24/7 support, according to a report from IronNet, which recently uncovered a […]