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Through external partnerships, financial institutions can gain information to help them target SMBs with personalized recommendations on financial content and products.  A group of financial institutions has linked up with a small business-focused fintech to help them make personalized recommendations.  JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and Mastercard are all working with Hello Alice to offer its […]

Personalization is the key to people’s hearts: A new Bain report shows that people want their primary bank to use their data to tailor banking experiences – and that they’ll be more loyal customers if it happens.  Highly personalized banking experiences win people over and stop them from churning to other financial providers, according to […]

Small businesses have historically felt underserved by their financial institutions, which has led to an increase in efforts to offer tools like personalized analytics and business projections. American Express just launched a new digital cashflow-management hub for its small business customers – called Business Blueprint – that builds off its 2020 acquisition of SMB lender […]

As the economic climate remains precarious, technology for optimizing client portfolios can provide advisors with an edge as they try to help their customers build wealth. JPMorgan Private Bank just made a strategic investment in Swiss software firms Edgelab and Evooq – which specialize in risk analytics, portfolio construction, advisory platforms, and workflow – as […]

Artificial intelligence-powered contact center technology can help financial firms build more personalized customer service experiences, at a lower cost, by answering questions or correctly routing callers. One of Australia’s “Big Four” banks, National Australia Bank (NAB), just signed a multimillion-dollar deal with Amazon Web Services to increase its cloud-enabled efficiency and innovation.   The bank […]

Banks have a golden opportunity to provide more personalized advice to small businesses that currently feel underserved.   Banks have an opportunity to step up their services for small business customers, according to a new report from JD Power.    “Small business owners are staring down an increasingly ominous set of challenges” and are “looking to their […]

A whopping 89% of small-to-medium businesses feel underserved by their primary banks, according to a recent Capgemini study, but personalized, value-add tools can help buck the trend.  US Bank just added a new tool to its arsenal as it aims to become a one-stop-shop for business owners.  The tool draws on customers’ bank data as […]

By tailoring offers and opportunities to people based on their history, preferences, context, and intent, banks can strengthen customer relationships and satisfaction while winning increased business. The CIO for JPMorgan Chase’s consumer and community banking business, Gill Haus, is laser-focused on using technology to enhance personalization, and he laid out his vision in a recent […]

As everyday consumers put an onus on sustainability, it’s a competitive differentiator to help users to track their own environmental impact. A whopping 83% of consumers think companies should be actively shaping environmental, social, and governance (ESG) best practices, according to PwC research, and, in alignment with that majority, Dutch bank ING is offering a […]

By combining automation and personalization, banks can increase customer satisfaction – and wealth. Ally Financial knew many of its customers struggled to save money, so it became laser-focused on creating ways to make it easier: Its Smart Savings tools provide customized prompts and automated transfers to help users grow their account balances. The tools are […]