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Biometric payments offer a convenient, secure way to make purchases. JPMorgan is testing the technology – which Goode Intelligence expects to account for nearly $6 trillion in transactions by 2026 – as a means of staying ahead of the payments revolution. For years, financial institutions have allowed users to sign into their smartphone apps with […]

Business-to-business transactions have been stuck in the past: Experts estimate that a stunning 40% of all B2B payments in the US are still made via check, making it a segment ripe for modernization. American Express intends to acquire Israeli fintech firm Nipendo as it builds out its platform of tools to make B2B payments simpler […]

Consumers crave cheaper, convenient international money transfer options, but there’s still no clear winner in the market. Card networks can ensure their piece of the pie by building relationships for cross-border payments.  The problem of transparent, cheap, and fast international payments is being approached from many different angles – including through blockchain-based digital currencies – […]

As consumers flock to services that make instant peer-to-peer payments simple, financial firms can stand out by bringing that same ease and convenience to business customers.  ABN Amro just launched a business version of its popular peer-to-peer payments app, Tikkie, which lets companies create and send payments requests to customers through text, WhatsApp, email, or […]