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Santander is the latest bank to link up with earned wage access firm DailyPay, as on-demand payments become a “must-have” benefit for workers.  Santander just announced a collaboration with fintech DailyPay to let its business clients in the US pay out their workers as soon as they finish a shift.   DailyPay’s tech connects with clients’ […]

Through its Global Markets Incubator, SocGen has honed a way to fast-track innovation, build relationships with cutting-edge startups, and take a leading role in sustainable finance.  SocGen has a clever way to tap into the buzzy ESG technology industry.   It just selected eleven startups to join its Global Markets Incubator (GMI), where they will have […]

The who’s who of the banking world has teamed up to build a fintech that replaces the syndicated loan market’s spreadsheets, fax machines, and phone calls with a real-time and transparent new digital service.  A handful of top banks are ready to say goodbye to the inefficient and fragmented process of syndicated loan dealmaking, where […]

To avoid losing GenZ (and GenAlpha) to neobanks and other digital upstarts, traditional banks need to find ways to build their brands with young consumers. Interactive financial literacy resources can help hook them early.  Kid-focused fintech Greenlight just announced a new program that allows banks and credit unions to offer its suite of education products […]

Working with fintechs can help financial institutions quickly launch innovative features and delight customers. While there’s no magic formula to crafting successful relationships, we’ve put together a playbook to help you build better partnerships.  Big FinServs need to get better at partnering with startups. Upwards of 75% of banking leaders say they feel “pressured” to […]

Partnering with fast-moving startups helps incumbents upgrade their customer offerings more quickly, as they compete against fintechs and each other. Big financial firms continued to embrace startups this year to help them hook their customers with useful features or revamped processes.   For example, HSBC, TD Bank, Barclays, and Standard Chartered are all relying on partnerships […]