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As financial institutions seek to stand out in the small-business market and avoid losing business to fintechs, quick-and-simple cash advances are a draw. Machine learning makes it easier to provide this revenue-based financing fairly and safely.   Barclays is partnering with UK fintech Liberis to offer revenue-based financing to its small business customers, wherein merchants receive […]

Different countries have very different credit reporting systems, which means that lenders may struggle with the underwriting necessary to approve immigrants for credit cards, loans, or other bank services. Nova Credit’s software integrates and standardizes international credit data, which ultimately reduces the effort and cost for lenders to serve these customers. HSBC is working with […]

Tools that combine behavioral analytics and anomaly detection improve fraud protection and operational efficiency, while reducing the number of “false positives” that block legitimate transactions. Juniper Research estimates that online payment fraud losses will exceed $343 billion globally between 2023 and 2027, and $202 billion-asset Zurich Cantonal Bank has tapped NetGuardians to help it protect […]