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JPMorgan wants to deepen its relationships with venture capital investors and their portfolio companies, allowing it to offer them services “from inception through to IPO.”  JPMorgan wants to be a one-stop shop for private companies and their investors.   The bank is buying Aumni, a Utah-based analytics startup that helps its VC users replace Excel by […]

As the number and diversity of cyberattacks continue to increase, FinServs need to use sophisticated tech tools to outsmart their enemies – including the use of “honeypots” to gather data.  Mastercard announced the acquisition of Sweden-based cybersecurity firm Baffin Bay Networks on Monday to help its clients fend off cyberattacks.   Baffin Bay’s threat protection platform […]

A perfect storm of conditions could make technology M&A more appealing than ever for big FinServs, who may view it as a way to protect their operations and could benefit from more-attractive terms.  Experts were already predicting that 2023 would likely be a big year for tech M&A for banks, and the aftershocks of Silicon Valley […]

With high interest rates bolstering banks’ top-line growth at the same time as fintech valuations flounder, FinServs have a unique opportunity for M&A this year. But careful due diligence and a specialized approach to retaining talent are crucial to making a purchase successful instead of a flop, according to Bain analysts.  While banking M&A activity […]

While banks and fintechs have primarily been either rivals or behind-the-scenes partners, recent valuation slashes – which show no signs of letting up – could allow banks to beef up their own offerings at a discount through acquisitions.    Big banks could be primed for some Black Friday deals of their own: Fintech valuations have plunged 70% […]