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As the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau urges lenders to look beyond three-digit credit scores, Prism Data says that its cashflow-tracking tech can help incumbents serve more customers, with less risk. There’s a new startup on the market to help FinServs make better lending decisions through cashflow-based underwriting.   Prism Data – which uses […]

Fairness in lending is historically fraught, and experts worry that opaque AI models could inadvertently make discrimination worse. To avoid that outcome, researchers argue that combining new data with fairness constraints and better models could both advance equity and protect lenders. A combination of sophisticated AI models and historically off-limits data could create more equity in […]

By using artificial intelligence to surface patterns in a potential borrower’s transaction data and make forward projections, banks like Westpac can make better lending decisions, faster. Australian “Big Four” bank Westpac has partnered with fintech Rich Data Co to supercharge its bankers’ abilities to provide credit to businesses. RDC’s tools comprehensively analyze a loan applicant’s […]