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JPMorgan picked an executive with 30 years of experience at the bank for a prominent new role, highlighting the importance of context and relationships in building a successful AI strategy.   The head of JPMorgan’s new data and analytics unit, Teresa Heitsenrether, will be responsible for infusing artificial intelligence into every facet of the bank’s business.   […]

Trade finance often still involves paper documents moving between banks, shippers, and exporters, and JPMorgan just gave a vote of confidence to Cleareye.ai to disrupt that archaic process.   JPMorgan’s Trade and Working Capital group has made a strategic investment in Cleareye.ai, a startup that it started working with last year to digitize and automate trade […]

By analyzing central bank messaging for its level of dovishness or hawkishness and finding patterns in how it has historically affected markets, JPMorgan’s tool shows how AI models can give banks an edge in trading.  JPMorgan debuted a ChatGPT-powered model for detecting the tenor of central bank messaging that can help interpret current signals and, ultimately, predict […]

Biometric payments offer a convenient, secure way to make purchases. JPMorgan is testing the technology – which Goode Intelligence expects to account for nearly $6 trillion in transactions by 2026 – as a means of staying ahead of the payments revolution. For years, financial institutions have allowed users to sign into their smartphone apps with […]

JPMorgan wants to deepen its relationships with venture capital investors and their portfolio companies, allowing it to offer them services “from inception through to IPO.”  JPMorgan wants to be a one-stop shop for private companies and their investors.   The bank is buying Aumni, a Utah-based analytics startup that helps its VC users replace Excel by […]

Artificial intelligence is a transformative tool for the banking industry, and access to the right talent is one of the biggest challenges right now. JPMorgan has hooked workers by emulating the practices of tech firms, a new report finds.  JPMorgan has topped a new index that ranks some of the world’s biggest banks on their […]

JPMorgan realized that it could prevent its IT department from being a “bottleneck” to innovation by pairing rigorous technology standards with independence for product teams.  Legacy financial institutions are under enormous pressure to keep up with innovative fintechs – and it requires them to rethink how they structure and run their businesses.   For JPMorgan, that […]

As the economic climate remains precarious, technology for optimizing client portfolios can provide advisors with an edge as they try to help their customers build wealth. JPMorgan Private Bank just made a strategic investment in Swiss software firms Edgelab and Evooq – which specialize in risk analytics, portfolio construction, advisory platforms, and workflow – as […]

Pay-by-bank capabilities – which let consumers pay bills directly from their bank accounts without having to type in routing or account numbers – reduces risks and costs for merchants and can earn goodwill from consumers.  Mastercard and JPMorgan just announced a new pay-by-bank product to let consumers pay bills directly from their bank accounts with […]

Travel is one of the most aspirational and big-ticket spending categories for consumers. By providing an exceptional in-house booking experience where customers can spend their credit card points, banks are building loyalty while also carving out additional travel spend for themselves. Capital One is the latest bank to step up its bid to build out […]