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Banks are realizing that by pairing automated rebalancing and algorithmic advice with phone advisor consults, they can win over younger, digital-savvy investors without a high price tag. The likes of JPMorgan, Ally Financial, Truist, and Bank of America have all expanded from offering standard automated robo-advising to providing supplemental personal consultations with financial advisors. Clients […]

Double materiality allows investors to not only understand the environmental, social, and governance risks facing their portfolios, but also the ESG impacts that those assets could have on the wider world. The more forward-looking, comprehensive principle is already baked into EU regulation, and is starting to gain traction in the US (while also facing blowback from […]

Trade finance – which often still involves paper documents moving between banks, shippers, and exporters – is ripe for technological change. JPMorgan’s new partnership with Cleareye.ai digitizes the process and enables sophisticated automation.  JPMorgan has partnered with Cleareye.ai to make trade operations and compliance more efficient and less risky. Through a combination of computer vision […]

Dealing with issues in trade settlement has historically been a fragmented process, where participants must manually resolve errors over email chains. The biggest players are investing in AccessFintech’s centralized (and secure) data management network because its collaborative workflows reduce the time and costs for all involved.  By promising to streamline transaction processing, AccessFintech is winning […]

While big banks that process card payments for businesses have greater market share and bigger budgets than fintech upstarts, they’re slower to roll out new features and capabilities than rivals like Stripe and Block – and JPMorgan’s betting that an acquisition can kick its payments roadmap into overdrive.  JPMorgan’s payments unit is acquiring cloud-native Renovite […]

As investment in blockchain, Web3, and crypto startups is surging, banks have one key advantage over smaller, more nimble firms, according to JPMorgan’s top crypto exec: Trust. JPMorgan is investing heavily in a wide range of blockchain projects – including tokenized stocks and bonds, a payment-information network, and its digital JPM Coin, which is currently […]

By tailoring offers and opportunities to people based on their history, preferences, context, and intent, banks can strengthen customer relationships and satisfaction while winning increased business. The CIO for JPMorgan Chase’s consumer and community banking business, Gill Haus, is laser-focused on using technology to enhance personalization, and he laid out his vision in a recent […]