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As financial services leaders begin to dabble with generative AI, they should calculate how “superhumanizing” staff in different divisions could lead to the greatest return on investment.  There’s a staggering number of potential uses cases for generative AI, so execs need to be strategic about what they prioritize.   At a recent conference, Goldman Sachs CIO […]

A corporate social network called Louisa aims to proactively connect employees within the same firm who might benefit from knowing each other. What if every employee at your company had each other’s knowledge at their fingertips?   That’s the world imagined by Louisa, which just spun out of Goldman Sachs to help employees at banks, VC […]

By using an AI-powered bot to collect, combine, and summarize information, fraud investigators can more efficiently weed out false flags and compile reports for actual criminal issues. Startup SymphonyAI just launched a new tool to aid financial firms’ criminal investigations.  Big FinServs have started to inject artificial intelligence into outdated know-your-customer and anti-money laundering processes […]

New research provides concrete evidence that generative AI can drive increased productivity for customer service agents, especially new recruits, by providing live scripts and linking to technical information.  There’s new evidence on how generative AI tools can supercharge customer service agents.   A study from Stanford and MIT researchers found that when ~5,000 customer service agents at an […]

By analyzing central bank messaging for its level of dovishness or hawkishness and finding patterns in how it has historically affected markets, JPMorgan’s tool shows how AI models can give banks an edge in trading.  JPMorgan debuted a ChatGPT-powered model for detecting the tenor of central bank messaging that can help interpret current signals and, ultimately, predict […]