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The challenge of integrating with fintechs is one of the biggest slowdowns of digital transformation, according to bank CIOs. A startup aims to make collaboration much faster and easier. Sandbox Banking just raised seed funding for its low-code integration platform, Glyue, which helps banks connect fintech products into their existing systems.     Making legacy core banking […]

Observability tools help organizations manage their complex data pipelines by using machine learning to flag data-quality issues and aide capacity planning. Ultimately, they help firms get the full business value of their data while keeping costs under control.  Even the best data strategies will fail to produce results if the actual management of the data […]

A swathe of startups are trying to inject artificial intelligence and privacy-preserving data sharing into outdated and shockingly ineffective know-your-customer and anti-money laundering processes.  Three young startups just announced a cumulative ~$27 million in fresh funding in the past week to tackle financial fraud: Hawk AI, Sandbar, and Salv.  While they all have slightly different […]