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Working with fintechs can help FinServs quickly launch new features and improve operational efficiency, so they need a streamlined framework for building those relationships and testing products.  Sean Manahan has helped Morgan Stanley make huge strides in how it partners with innovative tech firms.   As head of technology business development, Manahan is responsible for leading […]

To avoid losing GenZ (and GenAlpha) to neobanks and other digital upstarts, traditional banks need to find ways to build their brands with young consumers. Interactive financial literacy resources can help hook them early.  Kid-focused fintech Greenlight just announced a new program that allows banks and credit unions to offer its suite of education products […]

Silicon Valley Bank’s implosion threatened software startups that relied on it, forcing financial services CIOs to take stock of the potential impacts on their partners. The situation highlights how important it is for execs to build backups into their technology supply chains.  Silicon Valley Bank’s rapid fall will continue to have ripple effects throughout the […]

A combination of factors has decreased the threat that banks face from fintechs: Tighter conditions have squeezed digital upstarts while incumbents have been rigorous in making their own investments.  Big banks can sleep a little easier, according to a new report from Moody’s.   Sluggish funding and a slower growth environment have kneecapped many startups while […]

The challenge of integrating with fintechs is one of the biggest slowdowns of digital transformation, according to bank CIOs. A startup aims to make collaboration much faster and easier. Sandbox Banking just raised seed funding for its low-code integration platform, Glyue, which helps banks connect fintech products into their existing systems.     Making legacy core banking […]

With high interest rates bolstering banks’ top-line growth at the same time as fintech valuations flounder, FinServs have a unique opportunity for M&A this year. But careful due diligence and a specialized approach to retaining talent are crucial to making a purchase successful instead of a flop, according to Bain analysts.  While banking M&A activity […]

To avoid decreasing valuations, late-stage fintechs are more hesitant to go public or raise additional private capital, which creates a great environment for incumbent financial firms to partner with them.  While there are certainly downsides to the current market conditions, it’s a perfect time for fintech partnerships, according to a top exec at Synchrony, the […]

Partnering with fast-moving startups helps incumbents upgrade their customer offerings more quickly, as they compete against fintechs and each other. Big financial firms continued to embrace startups this year to help them hook their customers with useful features or revamped processes.   For example, HSBC, TD Bank, Barclays, and Standard Chartered are all relying on partnerships […]

While banks and fintechs have primarily been either rivals or behind-the-scenes partners, recent valuation slashes – which show no signs of letting up – could allow banks to beef up their own offerings at a discount through acquisitions.    Big banks could be primed for some Black Friday deals of their own: Fintech valuations have plunged 70% […]