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While online BNPL options exploded during the pandemic, Citizens sees a chance to differentiate itself by tackling in-person businesses, and it’s expanding its network faster by working with Wisetack.  Citizens Bank is partnering with Wisetack to bring BNPL financing to more in-person services through the fintech’s network of merchants.   “We’re excited to partner with […]

Nearly 6 million US households are “unbanked,” making it crucial for governments and corporations to pay people in innovative ways.   BNY Mellon is teaming up with fintech MoCaFi to help serve people without bank accounts or who have limited access to financial services. These communities are often low-income, under-educated, Black, or Hispanic, and blame minimum balance requirements, […]

Before beginning their relationships, banks and fintechs should establish quantifiable success metrics and make sure they’re aligned for the long haul, according to BNY Mellon and JPMorgan execs.  There’s no magic formula or one-size-fits-all approach to crafting successful relationships, but BNY Mellon and JPMorgan execs shared their perspectives on working with fintechs during a panel […]

As the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau urges lenders to look beyond three-digit credit scores, Prism Data says that its cashflow-tracking tech can help incumbents serve more customers, with less risk. There’s a new startup on the market to help FinServs make better lending decisions through cashflow-based underwriting.   Prism Data – which uses […]

A survey of banking execs found that cost cutting is one of the most attractive aspects of working with fintechs: They’re looking for partnerships that can make time-consuming and labor-intensive processes more efficient.  New research from Finastra reveals that most global banks plan to connect with an average of three fintechs over the next year […]

While incumbent financial firms have long provided trade credit and short-term loans to business customers, a new swath of fintechs is trying to make the process faster and easier.  SMBs often need trade credit to pay for their business purchases, but, historically, the payment process has involved filling out forms and waiting several days for […]

Santander is the latest bank to link up with earned wage access firm DailyPay, as on-demand payments become a “must-have” benefit for workers.  Santander just announced a collaboration with fintech DailyPay to let its business clients in the US pay out their workers as soon as they finish a shift.   DailyPay’s tech connects with clients’ […]

So-called digital sandboxes – or self-contained test environments with synthetic data and prototyping tools – can take the pain out of proof-of-concepts for startups eager to work within the financial industry. The chief data, information, and intelligence officer of the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority just announced that the FCA will work with upstart NayaOne to […]

Writing your will isn’t typically an easy, cheap, or uplifting exercise, which could be why more than two-thirds of Americans have no estate plan. A handful of big FinServs are strategically funding a startup that wants to change that by making estate planning a more accessible aspect of financial management. With the “great wealth transfer” […]

As Millennials and GenZ report feeling particularly anxious about their finances, Fierce wants to win over converts by being laser-focused on helping customers build wealth through features like fractional-share investing, securities lending, education, and an APY of up to 4.25% for checking accounts. Rob Cornish believes he’s built the “feel-good finance app” of the future.   […]