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ChatGPT – the AI-powered tool that can respond to prompts and queries in a human-like way – can help make vast proprietary datasets more accessible: Advisors can use it to access key information, quickly.  Morgan Stanley Wealth Management is using GPT-4 – the newest version of the buzzy chat tool – to drive efficiency and […]

Wells Fargo wants to boost engagement between its financial advisors and clients, in more convenient ways, to foster connection and loyalty. Wells Fargo wants its wealth management clients and their advisors to stay more closely connected.  The bank is rolling out LifeSync, a digital platform that lets users create and track financial goals while notifying advisors […]

AI-based tools for financial advisors can automatically integrate their client’s objectives, priorities, and risk tolerances, saving significant time for planners while providing more personalized advice for people, too.  Fidelity International Strategic Ventures, BNY Mellon, and RBC all contributed to the $24 million CAD funding round of Conquest Planning, a tech platform that aims to modernize […]