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The lack of trust and verification around carbon markets has historically sidelined big banks from allowing their clients (and themselves) to use carbon credits to achieve ambitious ESG goals, so a group of banks is providing $45 million to build better infrastructure.  Banks need a better carbon credit transaction network, so they’re building it themselves.   […]

Sustainability continues to be a hot topic for regulators and corporate boards alike. Financial firms have a vested interest in supporting partners focused on building robust, transparent infrastructure for environmental commodities, so they can best support their clients’ ESG goals.  Bank of America and Goldman Sachs joined a $125 million investment into Xpansiv, which provides […]

Double materiality allows investors to not only understand the environmental, social, and governance risks facing their portfolios, but also the ESG impacts that those assets could have on the wider world. The more forward-looking, comprehensive principle is already baked into EU regulation, and is starting to gain traction in the US (while also facing blowback from […]

Rigorously tracking diversity, equity, and inclusion data is necessary to both monitor progress and find insights in that data that may highlight weak points and influence future strategies. Big financial institutions need to be better at tracking, forecasting, and reporting on their own diversity statistics, according to Dr. Hood in the same way “we’re presenting […]

As everyday consumers put an onus on sustainability, it’s a competitive differentiator to help users to track their own environmental impact. A whopping 83% of consumers think companies should be actively shaping environmental, social, and governance (ESG) best practices, according to PwC research, and, in alignment with that majority, Dutch bank ING is offering a […]