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Programmers are embracing AI coding tools, though some remain skeptical of their accuracy. FinServs should deal with AI-powered programming proactively. Recent surveys from GitHub and Stack Overflow show that AI-powered coding tools are making a big impact.   GitHub partnered with Wakefield Research to survey 500 US-based enterprise developers and found that 92% are using AI […]

Tech like ChatGPT – the AI-powered tool that can respond to prompts and queries in a human-like way – is helping Goldman’s developers get their work done, according to an exec. In some test cases, they’ve used it to write as much as 40% of their code automatically.  Goldman Sachs is allowing its engineers to […]

Leaders need a framework for choosing technology experiments and partners on their quest to “disrupt” themselves – and a gameplan for helping workers find meaning and value in their work.  We received a wealth of advice from the tech execs who have shaped financial firms’ strategies.   Former Credit Suisse CIO Radhika Venkatraman built a […]

Automation makes workers more efficient, but it can also help them feel fulfilled and create better products. Capital One leans on automation to help its engineers enjoy their jobs.   Uninteresting, manual, and repetitive work that doesn’t add value can be a major source of burnout for engineers, Marty Andolino, a VP of engineering at Capital […]