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The messy realities of tech migrations were on full display during the final phases of Deutsche Bank’s efforts to transfer customer records from one system to another. The org learned some key lessons along the way, including to expect the unexpected.   For more than a decade, Deutsche Bank has operated two IT platforms: One for […]

Involvement with crypto is spooking banks, but digital assets more generally remain attractive: Banks are still interested in letting their clients issue, transfer, settle, and safekeep tokenized equities, and startups are jockeying to provide infrastructure.  Digital asset infrastructure firm Taurus has raised a $65 million Series B led by Credit Suisse, with participation from Deutsche […]

While the full promise of the metaverse remains distant, financial institutions like Société Générale and Deutsche Bank are experimenting with ways to use virtual reality to create stronger connections and more dynamic presentations.   French banking giant Sociéte Générale started hosting client presentations for its investment bank in virtual reality about three years ago and hasn’t […]

Digital avatars have the potential to make routine interactions more personable and impactful, whether in the metaverse or just as a substitute for big blocks of text.   Deutsche Bank believes that digital avatars are a “natural evolution of the current self-service user experience” and it’s working with Nvidia to create them as part of a […]

By combining vast swathes of data with fine-tuned risk management models, banks can accelerate legitimate transactions and flag suspicious ones, striking a balance between customer ease and safety.  Deutsche Bank is baking an automated fraud detection system from Visa-owned Cybersource into its ecommerce solution for merchants. The tool automatically calculates a risk value for each […]

Trade finance has traditionally been a highly manual, paper-based process with multiple checkpoints – making it ripe for digitization, automated classification, data extraction, and machine-learning powered accuracy checks.   Deutsche Bank just announced that it’s further integrating with Traydstream, a platform that digitizes and extracts data from trade finance documents to automatically check for errors […]