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With banks under fire for falling short of their racial-equity promises, software that helps chip away at specific issues – like building a more diverse workforce – can ensure forward progress. 2020’s racial reckoning included reflections on how bias impacts the entire financial system – from home loans to money management education – as well […]

Building diverse tech teams is critical to an enterprise’s long-term success. While increasing diversity in tech is a complex, systemic challenge, there are basic, effective ways to make your company more welcoming to underrepresented candidates. There’s no magic bullet to increasing the diversity of your technology organization, but Visa’s vice president and head of HR […]

Giving customers greater control over their first names can build trust and loyalty for financial institutions, while presenting a relatively minor technical hurdle.   A whopping 70% of transgender and nonbinary individuals say their legal identity doesn’t match their current chosen name and Citi will now make it easier to reflect people’s personal choices. On […]

Rigorously tracking diversity, equity, and inclusion data is necessary to both monitor progress and find insights in that data that may highlight weak points and influence future strategies. Big financial institutions need to be better at tracking, forecasting, and reporting on their own diversity statistics, according to Dr. Hood in the same way “we’re presenting […]