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JPMorgan’s data platform for institutional investors is using a slew of partnerships to make ESG investing more cost effective for its clients, as environmental, social, and governance concerns continue to be a hot topic for regulators, board members, and customers alike.  JPMorgan is making sustainability-focused investing easier and more efficient for its clients.   The firm’s […]

Vector databases, which store and index unstructured data from text, image, or audio in a specialized way, are a critical underlying component to generative AI applications. This infrastructure will continue to grow in importance as generative AI apps take off.  A data tool just raised a hefty Series B to enable AI application development.   Amsterdam-based […]

Observability tools help organizations manage their complex data pipelines by using machine learning to flag data-quality issues and aide capacity planning. Ultimately, they help firms get the full business value of their data while keeping costs under control.  Even the best data strategies will fail to produce results if the actual management of the data […]

ChatGPT – the AI-powered tool that can respond to prompts and queries in a human-like way – can help make vast proprietary datasets more accessible: Non-techies can get quick answers without relying on data scientists.   Sweden-based EQT, which invests in technology, healthcare, real estate, and infrastructure businesses, is using ChatGPT to streamline the use […]

Complex IT systems require increased visibility: Observability platforms can help teams understand their tech stacks, troubleshoot and optimize data workloads, and keep costs under control.  Mastercard’s back-end infrastructure is incredibly complicated and inter-connected. “Big data means that even a small problem can cause a large impact,” Mastercard principal engineer Chinmay Sagade said in a presentation last […]

One of the biggest challenges to achieving AI and machine learning goals is securely storing and managing huge quantities of sensitive data, so tools to simplify the process are a must-have. Truist has purchased key strategic assets from data technology firm Zaloni to accelerate its data governance, metadata management, advanced analytics, and its AI/ML programs. The […]