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Nine British banks are betting on Mastercard’s new Consumer Fraud Risk platform, which flags risky transactions to prevent authorized push payment scams in real-time.   As the UK prepares to roll out regulation to require banks to reimburse victims of authorized push payment (APP) scams, Mastercard is stepping up to the plate with new fraud fighting technology. […]

As the number and diversity of cyberattacks continue to increase, FinServs need to use sophisticated tech tools to outsmart their enemies – including the use of “honeypots” to gather data.  Mastercard announced the acquisition of Sweden-based cybersecurity firm Baffin Bay Networks on Monday to help its clients fend off cyberattacks.   Baffin Bay’s threat protection platform […]

Always prepare for the worst: An attack on technology-plumbing provider ION underscores how crucial it is to have systems in place to keep markets whirring regardless of partner issues. Make sure your firm has preparation, documentation, and a path forward from disruption.   The derivatives trading market was teleported back to the 1980s in the past […]

Instead of cyber protection, firms should focus on cyber resilience, which includes plans for response and recovery. The tides are shifting on how financial firms think about cybersecurity, thanks to a combination of heightened threats, sophisticated hacking tools, and increasing compliance requirements, including incoming US regulation to get corporate boards more involved.   One way […]

Cyber training programs should impart knowledge and skills to all workers, not just technical ones, because individual employees are generally the weakest links in organizational security. Cybersecurity is all about people, according to Immersive Labs, which offers training software to help global organizations boost their workers’ judgment, skills, and speed in dealing with security risks […]