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The evolution of Brazil’s own instant payments system, Pix, shows how FedNow could ultimately create new opportunities for banks to make money in payments and encroach on credit cards. FedNow, the US payments system that enables instant money transfers, 24/7, is finally here.   The US has lagged woefully behind other countries on instant payments and, […]

Travel remains a top-spending category for US consumers. By providing an exceptional in-house booking experience where customers can spend their credit card points, banks are building loyalty while also carving out additional travel spend for themselves.   Capital One continues to ramp up its tech-driven and luxurious travel offerings.   The bank just bought Velocity Black, an […]

The recent success of two niche credit card startups shows how specialized rewards can be a draw for consumers – and why incumbents may want to explore affinity-oriented benefits. Two recent funding rounds spotlight how fintechs are setting themselves apart through the unconventional use of credit card rewards:  Treecard, which just raised $23 million, promises […]