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Spend management recently ranked above cybersecurity as the top challenge enterprises face with the cloud. The FinOps Foundation wants to make it easier to understand (and manage) expenses by creating a common data format for all cloud providers.  Wrangling cloud costs across different vendors can be a struggle for large enterprises, because providers don’t use […]

While cloud computing lets big financial firms quickly scale their IT capabilities, its costs can spiral out of control. Tech leaders need best practices for monitoring and optimizing their budgets. The cloud frenzy is starting to wear off as companies ogle their bills amid ongoing budget tightening.   For the first time in over a decade, […]

As US Bank moves its apps to Microsoft’s cloud, it’s dedicated to upskilling all its tech workers through a cost-effective training strategy that takes advantage of grassroots enthusiasm and talent.   US Bank has tapped a small group of internal advocates to spread the gospel of the cloud among their coworkers.   The bank, which committed $600 […]

Financial firms crave the many benefits of moving to the cloud, but it’s a difficult, slow, and expensive process. Google Cloud and Santander are betting that big institutions will buy battle-tested software that makes the transition easier.   Nine in 10 financial institutions are working on their digital transformation, but the process of migrating applications to […]