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Dealing with issues in trade settlement has historically been a fragmented process, where participants must manually resolve errors over email chains. The biggest players are investing in AccessFintech’s centralized (and secure) data management network because its collaborative workflows reduce the time and costs for all involved.  By promising to streamline transaction processing, AccessFintech is winning […]

There’s no magic formula or one-size-fits-all approach to crafting successful technology relationships, but three bank execs and a consultant shared nuggets of wisdom during a panel at the Bank Automation Summit on Monday. TD Bank’s head of commercial digital platforms, Paul Margarites, sang the praises of quick-and-dirty proof of concepts: “You need well-defined, time-boxed POCs, to […]

Giving customers greater control over their first names can build trust and loyalty for financial institutions, while presenting a relatively minor technical hurdle.   A whopping 70% of transgender and nonbinary individuals say their legal identity doesn’t match their current chosen name and Citi will now make it easier to reflect people’s personal choices. On […]