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While incumbent financial firms have long provided trade credit and short-term loans to business customers, a new swath of fintechs is trying to make the process faster and easier.  SMBs often need trade credit to pay for their business purchases, but, historically, the payment process has involved filling out forms and waiting several days for […]

As the world undergoes the largest intergenerational transfer of wealth in human history, financial providers need to offer the digital access and real-time transparency that younger clients demand.  Wealth management is at a time of major transition, and providers need to ensure that their technology infrastructure and features keep up.   That’s why Masttro, a wealth […]

As threats rachet up, banks’ fraud investigation teams need to lean on AI-powered tools to help them more efficiently prioritize high-risk issues.  Citi Ventures and S&P Global just contributed to the $23 million funding round of Quantifind, a risk management startup that counts four of the world’s largest banks among its customers. Quantifind uses AI […]

Letting consumers pay-by-bank reduces risk and costs for merchants. While banks may be wary of losing card revenue, supporting the feature could help them win business customers.   Businesses are excited by an open banking-powered experience called pay-by-bank because it nixes credit card swipe fees and reduces their risk of fraud or chargebacks.   “This is a […]

The LGBTQ+ community has a range of needs, including specific challenges around chosen names and family planning, that most traditional banks aren’t serving.  Daylight, a digital bank aimed at LGBTQ+ people, has raised $15 million to promote and expand features including debit cards with customers’ chosen names, increased cash back for spending at queer and allied […]