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Nearly 6 million US households are “unbanked,” making it crucial for governments and corporations to pay people in innovative ways.   BNY Mellon is teaming up with fintech MoCaFi to help serve people without bank accounts or who have limited access to financial services. These communities are often low-income, under-educated, Black, or Hispanic, and blame minimum balance requirements, […]

AI-based tools for financial advisors can automatically integrate their client’s objectives, priorities, and risk tolerances, saving significant time for planners while providing more personalized advice for people, too.  Fidelity International Strategic Ventures, BNY Mellon, and RBC all contributed to the $24 million CAD funding round of Conquest Planning, a tech platform that aims to modernize […]

Financial advisors are looking for ways to use complex analytics and automation to more efficiently optimize their clients’ portfolios, especially as the economic climate pummels the market.  BNY Mellon has invested in fixed income platform bondIT to help its financial advisors better manage client portfolios. The startup’s platform automizes portfolio research, construction, and management, using […]

While checks may seem archaic, they’re still widely used for payments like class action settlements, refunds, or investment disbursements (at least in America). It’s more efficient and environmentally friendly to use other modern payments methods, but the behind-the-scenes orchestration presents challenges for incumbents.  BNY Mellon just launched a new payment platform called Vaia – in partnership with fintech […]

America’s oldest bank made waves when it launched its crypto custody service earlier this month, but a top exec says that knowing when to partner with specialists is one of its greatest strengths. BNY Mellon earned well-deserved credit for being the first traditional bank to launch digital asset custody services in early October, but an […]

Dealing with issues in trade settlement has historically been a fragmented process, where participants must manually resolve errors over email chains. The biggest players are investing in AccessFintech’s centralized (and secure) data management network because its collaborative workflows reduce the time and costs for all involved.  By promising to streamline transaction processing, AccessFintech is winning […]