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The blockchain is well suited to corporate action processing, which has traditionally required significant manual effort and been rife with errors, because it creates transparency and traceability of data across a shared network.  Ubiquitous bank-to-bank messaging platform Swift successfully trialed a blockchain-based application that it says could save the securities industry time and money.   Working […]

Despite recent turmoil in the crypto markets, Visa is “doubling down” on its efforts to prepare for blockchains to become mainstream payments infrastructure.  Visa expects blockchain technology to transform consumer payments within the next ten years and it’s dedicated to being on the forefront of that transition, according to head of crypto Cuy Sheffield. The […]

As investment in blockchain, Web3, and crypto startups is surging, banks have one key advantage over smaller, more nimble firms, according to JPMorgan’s top crypto exec: Trust. JPMorgan is investing heavily in a wide range of blockchain projects – including tokenized stocks and bonds, a payment-information network, and its digital JPM Coin, which is currently […]

Banks and other financial institutions continue to invest heavily in blockchain tools and services to support (and gain experience in) the crypto ecosystem without needing to engage directly. Financial institutions are among the top public companies investing in blockchain firms in the past year, according to an analysis by BlockData, collectively participating in more than […]