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Stakes are incredibly high for financial services firms undergoing digital transformations, and yet they often flounder. To boost results, tech execs need to create a culture of empowerment through incentives and clear messaging.  Nearly all banks are using technology to rethink their processes, features, and operations, but the road to reinvention is bumpy: A stunning […]

Open source software can bring a variety of benefits to financial institutions, including increased engineering speed and improved code quality, while helping attract tech workers. Discover expects its new site and partnerships to help it stand out in the space. Discover just launched a new website dedicated to open source software development and building community […]

Leaders need a framework for choosing technology experiments and partners on their quest to “disrupt” themselves – and a gameplan for helping workers find meaning and value in their work.  We received a wealth of advice from the tech execs who have shaped financial firms’ strategies.   Former Credit Suisse CIO Radhika Venkatraman built a […]

Banks have a golden opportunity to provide more personalized advice to small businesses that currently feel underserved.   Banks have an opportunity to step up their services for small business customers, according to a new report from JD Power.    “Small business owners are staring down an increasingly ominous set of challenges” and are “looking to their […]