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UK bank NatWest used Contentsquare’s customer analytics tools to optimize its mortgage calculator and drive an additional $700k in revenue per year

Monitoring and analyzing customers’ digital behavior can spur design tweaks and fresh strategies that drive new business: NatWest made a simple change based on Contentsquare insights that increased completions of its online mortgage agreement tool by 20%.  

Contentsquare’s monitoring and analysis tools can reveal how customers are engaging with digital products and highlight popular content, points of friction, and recommendations for change, like how it helped NatWest realize that it needed to emphasize the “Get an Agreement in Principle” button on its mortgage calculator.  

“Contentsquare is at the heart of our decision-making process,” a NatWest digital experience manager said in a case study. “It has more than paid its own way and I’m sure it will continue to do so.” The firm just raised a $600 million Series F round of funding

Sophisticated user analytics with AI-driven recommendations are a key way for FI’s to boost customer acquisition: BMO and Western Union both rely on Quantum Metric, an Insight Partner’s portfolio company, to understand their users and build better digital products, faster.