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Bank of America’s new QR sign-in lets business clients access its web platform without manually entering their passwords.  

Financial institutions are nearly unanimous on the appeal of a passwordless future, but there are many different approaches. Bank of America’s latest launch showcases a simple, creative way to bring smartphone-based biometrics to the web.

Bank of America wants to banish manually-entered credentials from its website for business customers, and it’s combining two popular technologies to make it happen.

Customers will now be able to use their smartphones to scan a QR code on the CashPro website, which will prompt a biometric scan of either their face or fingerprint on their phone (BofA has long enabled biometric access for its mobile apps). Once authenticated, they’ll be automatically signed in online.  

Following the pandemic-spurred onslaught of QR code usage, this launch represents a simple, creative way to bring a mobile app-centric capability to the web without requiring a complicated new process.