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The holidays make people more distracted – including your own workers. A startup has attracted funding from big banks for cybersecurity training that tests – and upskills – every employee.  

Individual employees are generally the weakest links in organizational security. Cyber training programs should impart knowledge and skills to all workers, not just technical ones.

Research suggests that cyberattacks surge over the holiday season – particularly between Christmas and New Years – but it’s not just your organization’s overall security you should focus on. Cybersecurity is all about people, according to Insight Partners’ portfolio company Immersive Labs, which offers training software to help global organizations boost their workers’ judgment, skills, and speed in dealing with security risks and attacks. 

Immersive’s “cyber workforce resilience” program for upskilling employees is crucial, because worker error is typically at the root of successful cyberattacks. Want to gauge how prepared your institution is to fight the latest threats? Immersive Labs and Insight Partners are hosting a free cyber threat simulation for financial services execs: Learn more and sign up here.  

Immersive Labs recently raised a fresh funding round that included Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Citi Ventures and counts HSBC, Citi, Moody’s, and Bain Capital among its customers.