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Bank of America just designated a top exec to focus on developer experience as Wall Street realizes the importance of catering to tech staff.  

There’s a growing trend within banks of appointing execs to specifically focus on internal tech experiences, as they realize that keeping top developers happy and efficient is key to building better products.

Bank of America’s long-time chief information security officer, Craig Froelich, just got a new job: He’s now the chief information officer of architecture, developer experience, and policy.  

This is a newly created position at BofA, according to Insider  

Banks have known for a while that technology is key to remaining competitive, but there’s been a recent shift towards understanding how important developers’ internal tools and experiences are for building better customer-facing products. When devs have access to the latest tooling, they build better features.  

For example, JPMorgan appointed James Reid as CIO of a new employee experience and corporate technology org, Capital One named Peter Torres as its head of DevOps for its software org, and Goldman Sachs CIO Marco Argenti has often touted the importance of developer experience to achieving business goals.

Citadel, meanwhile, has a team of 20 engineers focused on making the investment firm’s tech tools easier to use