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Here are the org structures for the biggest US banks’ artificial intelligence efforts, ranging from a dedicated “center of excellence” to business-line experts. 

None of the biggest banks in the United States have the same organizational arrangement for their AI efforts; seeing other approaches – and getting to know some of the top execs – could inspire your strategy.

Who are the top artificial intelligence-focused execs in the banking world, and how do your peers and competitors structure their AI efforts?  

The top US banks each have their own unique strategies for deploying AI throughout their orgs, according to Insider. Here’s a peek at how several firms are taking on this transformational technology

  • JPMorgan divides its efforts between Manuela Veloso, head of AI research, and David Castillo, firmwide head of AI/ML technology. Veloso oversees big-picture research, while Castillo leads implementation across JPMorgan’s operations. Drew Cukor, the firm’s chief data officer, also manages AI/ML transformation and engagement across the firm.  
  • All of Citigroup’s artificial intelligence efforts funnel through its AI center of excellence, run by Prag Sharma. Sharma reports into Nimrod Barak, head of Citi’s Innovation Labs. 
  • Bank of America organizes its AI efforts along business lines, with chief experience officers from difference divisions, including consumer banking (Teron Douglas) and wealth management (Christian Kitchell), reporting into BofA’s chief digital and chief marketing officer, David Tyrie.  

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