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Asset management giant Franklin Templeton Investments garnered $600 million in new assets under management by using machine learning software to better target financial advisors

Franklin Templeton Investments’ work with machine- learning- startup Fractal demonstrates the benefits of hyper-personalization and contextualization.

Franklin Templeton Investments used a Fractal product dubbed “Advisor Genomics,” which uses pattern-matching algorithms to predict which financial advisors were likely to interact across a given channel. The program helped FTI associates determine which financial advisors to contact, how to contact them, and what to discuss.    

In one year of working with Fractal, FTI identified 13,200 sales leads, which it closed with a 65% success rate, leading to a 26% increase in sales and $600 million new assets generated. 

Fractal also works with Wells Fargo and Google, and raised $360 million earlier this year.