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Goldman Sachs just spun out an “AI-powered LinkedIn on steroids” for connecting colleagues, that its founder claims could help companies capture “billions of dollars”-worth of missed opportunities.  

A corporate social network called Louisa aims to proactively connect employees within the same firm who might benefit from knowing each other.

What if every employee at your company had each other’s knowledge at their fingertips?  

That’s the world imagined by Louisa, which just spun out of Goldman Sachs to help employees at banks, VC firms, or other big companies better connect with their coworkers.  

The platform integrates data from HR records, CRM coverage lists, transaction histories, and more, to auto-populate profiles, create newsfeeds, and provide networking suggestions. Users can search the AI-enabled system by things like topic area or department. The idea is that workers can use the tool to build internal relationships that will ultimately help them win clients, complete deals, and ultimately “play as one firm.”  

“Think of Louisa as an AI-powered LinkedIn on steroids,” says Rohan Doctor, who founded the company within Goldman’s accelerator program back in 2018. The incubator program encourages employees with startup ideas to develop and build them in-house, and eventually launch them externally, hence Louisa’s debut.  

Early results seem promising: The network has 20,000 monthly active users, and several clients besides Goldman, including a commercial bank and a VC firm. By connecting coworkers, the platform can help companies reclaim “billions of dollars” otherwise lost to missed opportunities or bad client experiences. 

“Global organizations are competing to get the best return on their largest investment: their people,” said Doctor. “Louisa helps them maximize that return by unleashing an even greater strength: the collective intelligence of their entire workforce.”