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A top Bank of America exec explains the importance of digital “EQ” and why he starts each day looking at customer dashboards.  

Customer obsession needs to come from the top. Digital strategy execs should marry data with a person-first mindset, rigorously monitoring feedback to keep a constant pulse on how clients feel, according to BofA’s David Tyrie.  

Bank of America’s chief digital and marketing officer, David Tyrie, pairs his morning coffee with customer feedback.  

The exec uses BofA’s “client imperative” dashboard every day to dig into an overview of customer activities, interaction ratings, and any complaints. 

“My first morning coffee goes with looking at what’s happening,” he told The Financial Brand. “Are people happy with the experience they’ve had over the last 24 hours? What things are customers saying need to be improved? What things are missing that they wish they had from us?” 

Tyrie’s routine illustrates his focus not only on the bank’s digital IQ, which encompasses its tools for online and mobile banking, but its EQ (or emotional quotient), which represents how those tools make customers feel.  

He posits that this often-overlooked aspect of digital transformation is ultimately more important than the nuts-and-bolts of how a bank’s technology works. Executives should have an easy way to understand EQ – both general trends and hyper-specific issues – on a regular basis. By starting his day with the imperative dashboard, Tyrie makes client experience his north star.  

“Customers put a much greater premium on how your bank, as an organization, makes them feel. It’s almost like how a doctor with a good bedside manner makes a difference,” Tyrie said. “I don’t think you can over index on how customers are feeling.”