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US Bank is rolling out an AI-powered travel management platform for corporate card clients.  

As business travel ramps back up, making expense reports seamless can be a competitive differentiator for card issuers.  

US Bank is putting its 2021 acquisition of fintech TravelBank to good use.  

The firm just launched a new middle market-focused commercial card with a travel management platform that automates expense control and reporting. The TravelBank-powered tools use artificial intelligence to provide customizable card controls, insights into spend, and automated reporting and analysis.  

For example, business users don’t need to upload receipts or manually label purchases. And TravelBank has ambitions to find ways to make the process even easier for customers through the burgeoning application of generative AI.  

“Maybe one day you won’t even have to think about an expense report,” founder Duke Chung mused to American Banker. “Eventually the expenses could all be done behind the scenes. The overall goal is to give companies greater control over spending.”   

For US Bank, the platform provides an incentive for businesses to choose its commercial cards over the competition. We’ve seen a similar focus on tech-driven travel resources as a differentiator in consumer banking, as Insights Distilled has extensively covered