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Citi’s CEO outlined the bank’s principles for generative AI, including that it could help increase empathy.  

Citi CEO Jane Fraser has publicly planted a flag for how the bank is proactively approaching GenAI to shape its transformation efforts, while putting people and compliance at the forefront.  

Everyone is talking about generative AI, including Citi’s CEO.  

While Fraser’s assertion that generative AI “has the potential to revolutionize all functions across our bank” isn’t surprising, per se, her article is an interesting way for Citi to show investors, regulators, and customers where it stands.  

While the post generally outlines Citi’s priorities, one interesting nugget was Fraser’s assertion that generative AI could help build greater empathy.  

“It may sound counterintuitive, but large language models communicate clearly with their users and never get frustrated,” she wrote. “I believe this has wide applicability for many businesses and industries more broadly.” 

For example, AI-powered chatbots could be integrated into processes where they can prompt customer service agents or inexperienced managers. 

Read Fraser’s full article here.